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По случаю смерти одного сайта


Минуло ровно 5 лет, как умер один из наиболее известный сайтов по заднежаберным моллюскам – Sea Slug Forum http://www.seaslugforum.net
В январе 2010 г. его создатель (известный специалист по голожаберным моллюскам Bill Rudman) написал:
I am afraid the Australian Museum is unable to support the Sea Slug Forum in its present form for more than a few days.

You have probably noticed the Forum has not been running very efficiently in recent weeks. There have been problems with the Forum since it was hacked into about 2 years ago. Because the museum web team no longer has an in-house developer/programmer, outside contractors need to be hired - at considerable expense - whenever a problem arises. Unfortunately they do not always fix the problem and at times have actually exacerbated problems.

I have been trying to find find another institution or a source of funds to host the site so the Forum can continue as at present but time seems to have run out. It is difficult to get any information on how much it would cost to fix the existing coding problems with the Forum, but it has been indicated that an outside contractor could charge $15-20,000 (Australian) to fix the problems and upgrade the software but it may be less. We would also need ongoing expenditure of software maintenance and server costs [$5000 a year??]. The Forum is built with ColdFusion [an Adobe program] which delivers the pages from an SQL database.

Не мне обсуждать и осуждать политику австралийского музея, но сайт в самом деле был замечательным, с огромным числом систематизированных фотографий. Топики с этого сайта приравнивались к публикациям в электронных журналах - их до сих пор цитируют в научных статьях. Останки сайта все еще популярны, но сколько они еще будут доступны – неизвестно.
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